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What is the infrared tunnel?


The infrared tunnel is a professional slimming device.

Thermotherapy performed using the infrared tunnel is a method of rapid weight loss. This treatment is ideal for fighting cellulite and eliminating water retention.


The infrared rays penetrate 5 to 6 cm into the tissues and act directly on the fat cells. The very strong heat generated by the infrared melts excess fat accumulated by the body. The effects of infrared treatment are remarkable: blood circulation is greatly improved, the immune system is strengthened, the body loses weight in kilograms and centimeters.

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We do not recommend treatment if:

  • You make low pressure

  • You are pregnant or breastfeeding

  • You have open wounds or serious circulatory problems

  • You suffer from anxiety or claustrophobia

  • You have been diagnosed with cancer in the last 5 years

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